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Are you having trouble with your locks? Read the answers for common locksmith service questions.

Why should I put good locks in upstairs windows?

Who said that perpetrators don't enter from windows on first or second floors? A ladder or a tall tree close to the window will suffice. Most windows have easy-to-open latches. If you want to be sure, good lock installation is needed.

How do I reinforce home security?

First of all, you must have the locks replaced regularly. On top of that, you must check that each entry point locks well. There are many burglar deterrents and security systems on the market. Install an alarm system and CCTV cameras and more lights.

What is a "master key" and how does it work?

A "master key" is an individual key which can open all of the locks in a group while the individual lock keys will only operate their own lock. Master keys are used by management and supervisors, and are useful in emergency situations like fires or other disasters when a locked door needs to be opened quickly.

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