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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Experts in lock replacement

Recently I moved out of my parents' home and bought my own house. It was a really beautiful house and everything was perfect, except for the locks. I don't know why but somehow all the locks in the house were so stiff and couldn't close properly. I wanted to have my locks replaced so I searched for locksmith companies that may help. Eventually I found this locksmith company in Valley Center and they sent a locksmith over. In just a few hours, they did a lock replacement for all the locks in my house and now I have absolutely no problem with any of my locks.

Handling vehicle lockouts really well

I always thought that vehicle lockouts were ridiculous as it is just plain careless to leave the car keys inside the car. Just last week I ate my own words when the same thing happened to me. My friend then told me that this particular company named Locksmith Valley Center may be able to help me with my problem. They apparently have an automotive locksmith service that is really good. Upon calling them, they came in a jiffy and were able to help me get back into my car. I can really attest to their great service as I am now a loyal customer of them.

Expert job done on door closer installation

“As the owner of a catering company, I was becoming increasingly frustrated at having to throw away food that had gone bad because I or someone else on my team had forgotten to shut the door to a temperature-controlled room behind them. I needed a better solution, and got in touch with your company. I spoke to a helpful technician who recommended a few door closer options to me. I settled on a Dorma model, which was installed within a few hours and works perfectly. From one business owner to another, I wanted to let you know that it’s good to have a local locksmith whose professional service I can rely on.”

Cameron P.

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