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Take Control over your Security or Get Victimized

Take Control over your Security or Get Victimized
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Who wants to be a victim of a home invasion? The question is whether we can do enough to really avoid burglaries! Well, the answer is hardly straight forward and the question most likely rhetorical. There is certainly a lot we can do to prevent intrusions but this certainty is contradicted by the fact that some perpetrators could still manage to break-in. So, why should we make the effort? Why should we go through all this trouble knowing that intruders can still break-in? This answer is simple now… when you invest more in your home security, the chances of burglaries are reduced dramatically. Let's face it; it's completely different getting door locks that cost $15 dollars than investing in more expensive ones. If you invest $15, that's the level of security you'll get!

Does the price make the difference to the quality of security door locks? You shouldn't pick bolts judging from their price but surely the more expensive ones have a reason for their more costly price. You should focus on their quality and make sure they are classified as 1st grade by the American National Standards Institute. Of course, getting good dead locks is not the only solution to security issues. You must also develop the knowhow as far as security matters are concerned and always keep posted on new updates.

6 steps to defend your home

• Replace the locks every two-three years. Of course, we are talking about deadbolt installation and not Take Control over your Security or Get Victimizedsimple latches
• Rekey the locks when the keys are given to other people or move to a new place even if the landlord reassures you that he had the locks replaced only recently
• Install quality locks in all peripheral doors and make sure they remain locked
• Install additional thief deterrents and put lots of lights around entrances and in the yard – don't leave any corner in the dark
• Don't lock the windows and glass sliding doors with latches. Some of them can be removed entirely and access can be very easy. Good quality lock installation is required as much as stops or rods to keep doors and windows from opening
• Make sure the bolt of the dead lock is long and is fully extended and inserted in the hole of the strike plate

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